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11 usage rules of Wuhan Lvgong machinery secret uncovering sealing machine






Wuhan Lvgong machinery revealed the 11 point rule of use of the sealing machine. A few days ago, a netizen named "Keai D" ē The person of "Tangtang" consulted LV Gong and asked what to pay attention to after purchasing the sealing machine equipment and how to maintain the sealing opportunity to make it live longer. In view of these problems, Wuhan Lugong Machinery Co., Ltd. summarizes 11 usage rules of sealing machine for you.


11 usage rules of Wuhan Lvgong machinery secret uncovering sealing machine:

1. The sealing machine is not suitable for metal containers and metal caps, nor can it be placed on the metal table and press the start button, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

2. Before the sealing machine is powered on, it must first insert the induction aviation plug and lock the screw.

3. The sealing machine uses a single-phase three wire power line. In order to make the operator safe, be sure to use a single-phase three wire power socket. The ground of the workplace must be dry to maintain insulation.

4. The sealing machine is equipped with automatic temperature overheating protection function. When the temperature in the machine is overheated, the buzzer in the machine will sound "abnormal protection (pro. MD.)" When the yellow indicator light is on, turn off the main power switch, and continue to work after the cooling buzzer stops in standby.

5. During the working process of the sealing machine, you should often touch the surface of the sensing head to check whether it is overheated. If you find it hot, you should stop heating and work after cooling (the power can not be turned off for cooling). When the green indicator light of "warmup" is not on, do not press the start button to avoid accidental triggering. Please turn off the power switch on the panel after the sealing machine is finished.

6. The sealing machine is equipped with a fuse of 5A, which cannot be replaced by a fuse greater than 5A.

7. There is high voltage in the sealing machine and the bottom plate is charged. It is strictly prohibited to repair without permission to avoid personal electric shock.

8. Before using the sealing machine, if the wire is exposed, stop using the machine and use it after maintenance.

9. During transportation, storage and use, the sealing machine equipment shall not be impacted, heavily pressed or affected with moisture.

10. During the unpacking inspection and acceptance of the product, under the condition of normal transportation and intact packaging, if the parts of the product are found to be inconsistent with the packing list, contact the original sealing machine manufacturer in time.

11. The use and operation of the sealing machine shall be understood clearly in advance according to the operation manual. In case of product manufacturing quality problems, explain to the original sealing machine manufacturer within the specified time limit and apply for technical support in time.

The above is about the relevant introduction of "11 rules for the use of Wuhan Lvgong machinery secret sealing machine". I believe you have a deeper understanding of the precautions for the use of sealing machine. In addition, Lvgong machinery also reminds you that when purchasing sealing machine equipment, you must choose a professional and regular sealing machine manufacturer.


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