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What kind of filling machine is usually used for sauce filling?






What kind of filling machine is usually used for sauce filling? Wuhan Lugong Machinery Co., Ltd. pointed out that the sauce is generally filled with piston filling machine, which is also known as "plunger filling" in the industry. Piston filling machine is a kind of filling machine for filling high concentration fluid. It extracts and pumps high concentration materials through the three-way principle that the cylinder drives a piston and rotary valve, and uses the magnetic spring switch to control the stroke of the cylinder to adjust the filling volume.


What kind of filling machine is usually used for sauce filling?

Lvgong machinery experts pointed out that firstly, the filling machine can be divided into high-speed rotary filling equipment, linear filling equipment and chuck filling equipment.

1. High speed rotary filling equipment

High speed rotary filling machine equipment is suitable for the products of large brands and companies with very large average daily output. Because of the high production speed and high technical requirements, the price is naturally millions. I won't say much here. If you need a more detailed understanding, please Baidu yourself.

2. Linear filling equipment

Linear filling equipment is a relatively long production line (assembly line), and each production link operates independently. It is usually a linear filling production line composed of bottle feeding turntable - automatic filling machine - automatic capping machine - Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine - automatic labeling machine - bottle receiving turntable, etc. Some will also accompany automatic packing machines and packers. The details still need to be determined according to their own needs and budget. Linear filling machine equipment is suitable for products with large output.

3. Chuck type chili sauce filling machine

Chuck filling equipment is more suitable for products with medium output than linear filling equipment. The equipment features small floor area and compact structure. It is very suitable for products with small workshop and low output requirements.

The above is aimed at "what kind of filling machine is usually used in sauce filling?" Because the needs of each customer are different, the filling equipment selected is also different. Generally speaking, filling machine companies will design and recommend filling machine equipment more suitable for your products according to the needs of customers.


What are the current problems encountered by the manufacturing industry?

01. High intensity of physical labor and high turnover rate

02. Labor efficiency is low, and the later operation cannot keep up with the front-end production

03. Manual work is difficult to recruit, and the labor cost is high


04. The error rate of operators is high, which is easy to cause huge losses

05. The workshop is messy and there are various potential safety hazards

06. Waste production space and increase unnecessary costs

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