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LV Gong joins hands with liangzhilong to create a high-quality B2B Food Exhibition






Lvgong joins hands with liangzhilong to build a high-quality B2B food materials exhibition. As a leading enterprise in the packaging machinery industry, Wuhan Lvgong Machinery Co., Ltd. will join hands with liangzhilong to participate in 2022 liangzhilong Wuhan food materials exhibition from March 28 to March 30 this month. The venue is Wuhan International Expo Center. New and old customers are welcome to consult and negotiate at that time.


LV Gong joins hands with liangzhilong to create a high-quality B2B Food Exhibition

Liangzhilong Wuhan Food Materials Exhibition (CIER) was founded in 2008. All along, the food e-commerce Festival has closely focused on the theme of "food materials exhibition, new vegetables and new products, procurement bidding and business matching", established a systematic food materials business product system and constantly improved it; At the same time, we are committed to building a business negotiation and cooperation platform for factories, dealers, catering enterprises and food packaging machinery and equipment factories, and strive to provide high-quality supply and demand matching services.

2022 liangzhilong Wuhan Food Exhibition (CIER) is looking for ingredients, new dishes, condiments, packaging machinery and equipment, supply chain services, catering enterprise marketing services, catering human resources services and catering digital efficiency improvement services. Every year, we invite all Dalian lock catering enterprises and major packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers, which is a great opportunity for your offline business communication and efficient docking.

2022 liangzhilong Wuhan Food Materials Exhibition (CIER) has attracted major food material producing areas from all over the world, including aquatic products, meat and poultry, spices, pastries and conditioning products, covering many exhibition topics such as food raw materials, hotel supplies, food packaging machinery and equipment, supply chain services, catering chain franchise and so on. 2022 liangzhilong Wuhan Food Materials Exhibition (CIER) prepares for building a professional catering and food materials industry chain exhibition.

LV Gong joins hands with liangzhilong to build a domestic high-quality B2B food materials exhibition

Scope of exhibits

Rice flour, grain and oil sector: rice and miscellaneous grains, grain and oil, flour and noodles, grain and oil machinery, staple food processing equipment and raw materials.

Meat ingredients: Frozen / chilled meat, cut meat and meat conditioning ingredients.

Aquatic food materials: Frozen / quick-frozen aquatic products, aquatic conditioning food materials and deep-processing products.

Poultry ingredients: Frozen / quick-frozen poultry, split poultry and poultry meat conditioning ingredients.

Quick frozen pastries: glutinous rice balls, dumplings, spring rolls, sesame balls, cakes, pastries, etc.

Fruit and vegetable products: Frozen / quick-frozen vegetables, prepackaged vegetables and vegetable conditioning ingredients.

Catering condiments: Catering customized condiments, condiments, etc.

Food packaging machine equipment, hotel supplies and drinks: refrigeration equipment, packaging machinery equipment, meat slaughtering and processing equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, food processing machinery, food processing equipment, drinks, etc.

Supply chain service sector: supply chain Park, trading market, cold storage construction equipment, cold chain logistics and information service providers, etc.

Catering chain franchise version: Chinese food, Western food, catering chain franchise, snacks, etc.

LV Gong joined hands with liangzhilong to build a high-quality B2B food exhibition. It is understood that the number of enterprises participating in this exhibition has exceeded 4000, and more enterprises will participate in it one after another. 2022 liangzhilong Wuhan food exhibition, we look forward to your in-depth communication and negotiation with Lvgong machinery. If you have any questions, you can consult online customer service


What are the current problems encountered by the manufacturing industry?

01. High intensity of physical labor and high turnover rate

02. Labor efficiency is low, and the later operation cannot keep up with the front-end production

03. Manual work is difficult to recruit, and the labor cost is high


04. The error rate of operators is high, which is easy to cause huge losses

05. The workshop is messy and there are various potential safety hazards

06. Waste production space and increase unnecessary costs

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Artificial intelligence packaging machine

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A bag counting line for 20 machinesOnly 2-3 people are required to operateSave 80% - 90% labor

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