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LG-800 Plastic Cup Filling Sealing Machine

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Cup filling and packaging machine

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One Out Eight Cup Filling Sealing Machine

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Filling and sealing machines can be used in various industries, and the operating principles of various filling and sealing machines are also different. The filling and sealing machine adopts a stainless steel body, and the cups, lids, and sealing are all completed at one time, which strictly meets the requirements of food hygiene. This machine is mainly used for filling and capping food and beverages such as milk, yogurt, instant noodles, lotus root starch, rice noodles, etc. in cups, boxes and bowls, and can also be used for capping other special-shaped packages. Automatically lower the cup, automatically put the lid, automatically seal, and automatically output the cup; the imported stepless speed change system can be used to adjust the production speed; the cam indexer is used to make the positioning of the lower film accurate and the machine runs smoothly; the suction cap and sealing are completed at the same time, and the film is lowered The movement has no effect on the positioning accuracy of the cover film; the accurate secondary sealing and the sealing pressure can be adjusted, and the sealing strength is good; the operation is simple and safe.

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LG-800 Plastic Cup Filling and Sealing Machine One Out Eight Cup Filling and Sealing Machine Automatic Packaging Machine Cup Filling Machine Automatic Sealing Machine

Scope of application: Cup filling and packaging machine, suitable for filling, sealing and packaging of various shapes of cup food, medicine, daily chemical, chemical and other industries.

Equipment basic structure:

1. Rack part: It is welded with high-quality carbon steel (can also be made of stainless steel for the whole machine), covered with stainless steel, and equipped with strong bolts in contact with the ground.

2. Transmission system: motor, reducer, cam divider, template, transmission chain, etc.

3. Cup drop system: It consists of rack, slide rail, cup storage bin, cup push cylinder, etc. Controlled by the PLC system, the synchronous control action is completed by sending a signal when the template stops.

4. Filling system: The storage tank is made of stainless steel 304, the cylinder stroke works piston-type quantitative filling, non-contact filling, the filling amount can be adjusted freely, the quantitative is accurate, and it is equipped with a liquid level control device.

5. Coding system: automatic ribbon coding (constant temperature control) is adjustable, which can quickly change the code. Easy to install and remove.

6. Film calibration system: Photoelectric eye tracking automatically corrects the alignment of the film pattern and the cup mouth.

7. Cover system: It consists of cover bin, rotating cylinder, mechanical arm, suction cup, etc. (vacuum generator) film.

8. Sealing system: It adopts constant temperature (intelligent temperature control) hot pressing twice to seal, and the sealing head is a combination of copper and aluminum, which is easy to replace, and the sealing pressure is adjustable.

9. Film cutting mechanism: cold punching, cutting out the cover film with easy tearing opening, which is convenient for opening.

10. Cup out system: composed of slide rail, slider, variable speed motor and mounting bracket.

11. Control system: Omron relay, PLC programmable control,

BG type automatic filling and sealing machine adopts chain stepping transmission mechanism. It can work continuously for 24 hours. The use of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other anti-corrosion materials conforms to the Food Sanitation Law, and the performance is stable and reliable. It is the main equipment of the ideal beverage production line. The machine can automatically (manually) put the cup.

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Packing Machine

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Modified Atmosphere Locking Fres

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04. The error rate of operators is high, which is easy to cause huge losses

05. The workshop is messy and there are various potential safety hazards

06. Waste production space and increase unnecessary costs

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